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Was a customer of Whamshoppes a small eshop hosting compnay.For several months my webstore was offline or malfunctioning, so I did not pay for four months of it.

I did however pay in full for one year of domain hosting for my site which was separate. However Tony Mark the owner, operator and apperently the only employee of the company did not close down my estore. This month I was going to go ahead and pay it to see if services improved but everyone's eshopes were down for more than four days and I finally made a complaint. Tony will not answer the phone, will not repsond to emails, wil not respond unless and only if he feels like responding in the public forum where everyone eles sees your business information.

I made a complaint in the forum, and he got mad because I did and shut down both my estore and my domain which he was already paid in full for. I have moved my hosting to go daddy and am waiting for the domain name to be transferred to them from his company also called ACM cystems or whamshoppes. He also left a nasty forum message about me and disclosed personal and financial account information of mine in the forum. I notified him I would have paid him but the shoppes never functioned correctly.

Many other customers of his have experienced the same problems.He doesn't get to gte paid for services he does not provide.

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Just awful!He continues to send me an invoice for $24 every quarter even though I no longer have a business or use their hosting services.In fact, I only used their hosting services for 2 days and paid for the entire quarter (6 months or more ago).

Tony and Whamshoppes were way over paid because the site/hosting service was poor and unreliable. Contacting him is a joke.

He never replies to any form of communication.Beware of this business and make sure you have an attorney on retainer.


Same experience!!I would not recommend Whamshoppes hosting to anyone!

BEWARE OF WHAMSHOPPES. Tony Mark proved to be a very immature and unhelpful individual who's performance and attitude sends images of an unprofessional slacker running a "business" from his bedroom computer. Very unreliable "host". E-stores on Whamshoppes are CONSTANTLY down - as I experienced.

NUMEROUS issues - as I experienced.

Warning: Use Whamshoppes at your own risk!I lost costumers due to the site not loading so frequently.

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